Economy Make-up Air (NO FANS)

This economy make-up air unit is a non-motorized gravity vent.   It is an economical choice when a fresh air intake or pressure relief is needed.


Size CFM Against Static Resistance*
10″ 750
12″ 1000
14″ 1475
18″ 2400

* Approximate CFM against static resistance is based on a throat area velocity of approximately 1200 fpm.

Economy Make-up Air (Motorized)

Can be used anywhere fresh air is needed to replace exhaust air, commercial kitchens, office buildings, bakeries, laundries, factories, warehouses, foundries, locker rooms, etc.


  • Emergency disconnect switch
  • Spun aluminum housing for rust free weather resistant durability
  • Propellers constructed with die formed blades riveted to a steel hub
  • Can be roof or wall mounted
  • Standard bird screen
  • Wire conduit to provide a clear channel for electrical connections